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Message from the President


Hidehiko Itani, President
Sogo Printing Co., Ltd.

Proposals and actions that meet the needs of customers

Sogo Printing has been in operation for over half a century, since 1948. Over this time, we have put a great deal of effort into developing a strict quality management system so that we can deliver trusted products to our customers.
Now, our efforts over the years are recognized, and as a supplier to companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and alcohol, we are involved in the printing and manufacturing of all kinds of labeling materials and various types of advertising media centered on packaging materials.

In September 2015, we merged with our fully-owned subsidiary Technopack Co., Ltd. to start afresh under the new company name of Sogo Printing Co., Ltd. In this merger of superior technologies owned by Technopack, including shrink products and thermal transfer films, with Sogo Printing & Packaging’s own technologies in paper packaging products, cultivated over many years, we hope to implement initiatives toward developing new packaging formats and to expand those formats broadly.

To meet the ever-increasing levels of quality required, Sogo Printing has established a sophisticated quality management system and has secured its position as the industry’s leader. We will continue to pursue even more sophistication and efficiency in our production management system and quality management system going forward as we continue to provide customers with products they can use with confidence.

We have also prepared a crisis management system to ensure we are able to stably supply our products. Our manufacturing sites are located at the Osaka Plant, Hyogo Plant, Hyogo No. 2 Plant, Kanto Plant in Chiba Prefecture, and Kyushu Plant in Fukuoka Prefecture. We have the same type of machines operating at each site, and at the same time, printing-related data is kept at three sites in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu in a redundant storage environment with full security management. In an emergency situation, related divisions can cooperate with each other and maintain continuity of our production activities for products at any of our plants. Furthermore, our Kansai Distribution Center, which was completed in October 2013, contributes to efficient distribution of our products.

In addition to these tangible arrangements, we have intangible ones as well. We are deepening ties between our product development divisions and sales divisions, enriching and enhancing a development system that enables us to make proposals that meet the needs of our customers.
Backed by technical capabilities built up over many years, we are working to enable stable and secure supply of even higher quality, environmentally friendly products. To clarify our corporate approach to quality and the environment, all of our sites acquire ISO 9001 certification, with our Hyogo Plant and Kanto Plant acquiring ISO 14001 certification as well as Green Printing certification.
In addition, for the purpose of compliance management, we acquired certification in June 2015 under the CSR Certification Program being operated by the All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations and are working to meet the trust of everyone.


From the perspective of technical capability, we are enhancing our high-functionality packaging development and design operations, and we also plan to install new equipment to build a system for active development of decorating technologies at our new Hyogo No. 2 Plant. Going forward, we will continue to incorporate new technologies and make great progress as a trusted company achieving customer satisfaction.